Set yourself up for a killer day with these 3 simple morning rituals according to ‘Own The Day’ author Aubrey Marcus.

“To own your life, you gotta own the day.”
– Aubrey Marcus, Founder and CEO of Onnit

1. Hydration

Studies have shown that we lose around 1/2 a kilo of water overnight just from breathing which means most of us rise in a state of dehydrated delirium. Fluid loss can cause headaches, moodiness, irritability, anxiety and fatigue, not to mention decreases in mental performance. The best way to combat this is to drink a large glass of warm water with fresh lemon and a dash of Himalayan salt. Aubrey calls this the ‘Morning Mineral Cocktail’.

2. Light

Next up on the list is setting your circadian rhythm in motion. The circadian rhythm is basically a 24-hour internal clock that cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals. It’s also known as your sleep/wake cycle. If our internal clock is off balance, the result is sleepiness, decreased energy levels, and it can even cause you to gain weight. Ideally, due to our biology, we are supposed to wake up with the sun and go sleep with the stars.

To set it in motion, you need to get as much sunlight as possible on your body, so this means open those blinds straight away so you’re hit with some natural light. The opposite of this can be true for when you’re looking to get some sleep. When you’re in the dark, your body can start signalling that it’s time for rest and recovery, by producing important hormones like melatonin.

3. Movement

Movement is a big part of waking the body up for the day. Not enough of us are getting in some morning movement to help wake up our bodies and build momentum to set our day off on a positive. Even something as simple as a 15-minute brisk walk, or a few squats in the morning can signal to the brain to wake up. A cold shower is an excellent way to wake up the body, and it’s easy to implement by simply turning the shower nozzle to cold at the
end of your shower to see how long you can stand it. This causes norepinephrine to rise, which drops your stress hormones and leaves you feeling super energised. Slowly build this up to 2 minutes by practising every day.

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