1. More free time
Let’s be honest, many of us secretly resent the time spent measuring out ingredients and toiling over the kitchen hob every night. Not to mention the weekly mission to the grocery store. There are so many other things we’d rather be doing, like playing with the kids, meeting up with friends or even going for that evening jog. How would you choose to spend the time you saved if your meal was ready to eat as soon as you get home?

2. Save money
Yes, it may appear that a meal delivery service is expensive but chances are, if you headed out to your local supermarket and purchased the ingredients and yourself, the bill would actually come in higher. All those last minute UberEats and hunger fuelled panic purchases on the commute home add up and that’s before we’ve even talked about eating out at a not so healthy restaurant!

3. Portion Control
Aussies are notorious over-eaters, after all, who wants to spend the evening carefully measuring up each grain of rice? We’ve all tried to meal prep with a view for it to last all week….then after several trips back to the pan during a Netflix marathon, all that’s left are a few spoonfuls and a whole serving of guilt. A meal delivery plan, means each meal is carefully pre-measured and portion ready with the calories and nutrition all factored in to ensure optimum health! With a meal plan, you get a better understanding of exactly how much your body needs to feel great.

4. Healthy Eating
Cooking a healthy meal that’s equally delicious can sometimes be a challenge. With freshly made dishes being the most time consuming, it can seem tempting to grab something from the freezer, a can or your local takeaway but healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. With a meal delivery service, a group of nutritionists and expert chefs ensure you get a nutritious meal that’s packed full of flavour.

5. Less Waste
When you eventually find a recipe you like at home, you have to trudge to the shops and buy a ton of ingredients, most of which only call for a few teaspoon, or half of an onion, a quarter of broccoli etc. You know the drill. A week later we’re in the fridge throwing out the rest. With a meal plan, you get what you need and eat it… resulting in much less food waste. Still on the fence? Order a Crudo Meal plan now with using the 10% discount code CRUDO10 on your first order and enjoy the benefits yourself. All our meals are made fresh and by hand at our local Adelaide warehouse so you can expect the freshest and most delicious ready meals on the market.